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Web Manager is an online learning academy with digital courses powering tens of thousands of students across the world.
In Web Manager Academy, you can learn the industry’s topmost Programming Languages, Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Cryptocurrency, Catering, Business Management, Marketing, Data Science, and more.
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Web Manager Academy is the Education Revolution. It is the first digital Campus in Africa. Web Manager academy is accredited, dedicated to opening access to digital education globally. Web Manager helps young people overcome financial, geographic, political, and personal constraints keeping them from learning a skill and after which, certifying you to meet industry’s standards.

Web Manager believes that access to digital learning is a basic right that promotes self-employment and financial freedom, and it is committed to providing those young people with a quality education

Web Manager was founded in 2020 and hosted in 2021. We offer Diplomas with Professional Certifications and Bsc in due time. 

Web Manager Academy is staffed by hundreds of professional tutors, including its Founders and President, the distinguished members of its international boards of trustees and advisors, and its faculty. The President’s Council is chaired by Kizito Ibeh Onyeka and Joshua Nwamife and consists of two dozen other leaders from the world’s foremost Academy

Web Manager has built a sustainable and scalable model to serve those millions whose talent and creativity are being lost today.

Courses are delivered online to a group of typically 20-30 students who study the materials together under the direction of a Tutor. A certificate requires the completion of 60 days. Each week’s course is based on a curriculum drawn from our board, so there is no textbook or materials cost. The only time a student is asked to pay any amount is at the start of course registration. 

This fee, which is waived if a student warrants that he or she cannot afford it, helps defray the university’s operational costs, allowing people to remain sustainable and still on ultra-low costs.


Web Manager Academy has collaborations with Hublud Technology, Bazecity Media Limited, and Rap Projects. Each of these partners has used Web Manager Academy to identify talented students to whom they have provided job opportunities as well as generous financial aids.

Web Manager Academy not only provides its students with a quality certificate but also provides them a way to demonstrate their talent and readiness for real-life work experience.

In addition, Web Manager Academy has partnered with other firms to allow its students to participate in physical/practical classes when needed. 

Web Manager is supported by the generosity of individuals and foundations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and America.


Favour Aji

Brand ambassador

Media and publicity expert

joshua nwamife

Joshua Nwamife

Team Lead

IT Expert, programmer and Team lead

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Kizito Ibeh Onyeka

Business Manager

Manager, Web Designer and Blog expert

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Our Vision

Web Manager Academy envisions a world in which all people have access to digital skills, regardless of financial, geographic, political, and personal circumstances.

Our Mission

The mission of Web Manager Academy is to offer accessible, and quality learning to any qualified student through flexible, affordable, online, accredited degree-granting programs that give people the potentials to lead successful, fulfilling lives as individuals and members of society.

Our Goals

To provide the opportunity for digital education to students from diverse backgrounds through:

  • Utilizing the internet to provide distance education
  • Offering programs at minimal costs
  • Providing a wide range of financial assistance options
  • Promoting the Academy’s programs in underserved regions of the world

To offer quality programs that:

  • Maintain high academic standards
  • Include core components to foster critical thinking, communication, and commitment to lifelong learning
  • Focus on competencies and skills required for success in the global economy
  • Are continually assessed and improved through regular outcome assessment and external reviews
  • Promote a culture of shared learning through collaboration, interaction, and peer-to-peer teaching and assessment

To provide students with services that contribute to the achievement of the desired learning outcomes by:

  • Engaging in a constant process of continual improvement
  • Utilizing technology and automation to improve service and accuracy

To assist students in developing, evaluating, and implementing employment decisions and plans by:

Helping students develop self-knowledge related to career choice and work preferences
  • Providing educational and occupational information to guide students’ career and educational planning and to develop their understanding of the world of work
  • Linking students with alumni, employers, and professional organizations that can provide opportunities to integrate academic learning with the work environment and explore future career possibilities

To ensure institutional financial stability and growth through:

  • Utilizing volunteers for leadership, academic and administrative work
  • Maintaining highly efficient processes
  • Developing a community of supporters
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