How to get a Discounted PressOne Business Number

These days, business owners are concerned about the quality of conversations their team has with potential and existing customers, and the ability to have all their customers’ records in one place, rather than on the phones of individual employees.

If you are among these business owners who share similar concerns, stay until the end of this guided article to find solutions to your business challenges, as well as maintain a professional brand.

Introducing PressOne Africa

PressOne Africa provides businesses with a phone number and an easy-to-use web portal, that allows users to track all their call conversations with potential/existing customers from anywhere around the world.

How does PressOne Work?

Your PressOne service is attached to one phone number and you are paying for that service monthly. Depending on your plan, one phone number may allow you to add more users who can make and receive calls with that number. You may purchase as many phone numbers as you want, and you pay for each monthly.

With a PressOne business phone number, your brand value will increase and you stand a chance to enjoy other benefits such as:

Benefits of using Pressone Business Number

The benefits of using a PressOne business phone number cut across different aspects, but here are a few:

  • Your business number can never be lost or stolen.
  • Retain contacts and customers even if you lose your phone.
  • 3 people can use the same number at the same time.
  • You can set business hours.
  • You can record calls.
  • You can limit staff access to private information.
  • See all calls between your business and customers
  • Generate more sales from a better sales process
  • You get unlimited call history.
  • Detect unhappy or dissatisfied customers

Do you want something better as an entrepreneur? This is how to get started.

How to Get Started With PressOne.

Follow these simple and short steps to buy your business phone number with PressOne.

Register Account

Click here to register an account.

How to get a Discounted PressOne Business Number

Claim Discount

There is no better time to get started with PressOne than now. WebManager.NG has partnered with PressOne to offer her service at affordable rates to WebManager’s customers (others can take advantage of the discount too). All you have to do is visit: signup, and get your discount.

Choose Plan

How to get a Discounted PressOne Business Number

Fill in the form and click on Continue to see the recommended plan suitable for your business.

Select PlanHow to get a Discounted PressOne Business Number

Check out the features associated with the recommended plan given to you or scroll down to choose another plan you find suitable. 

You can choose to subscribe monthly, quarterly, or annually by simply toggling over to the next billing cycle which is found above the arrow.

How to get a Discounted PressOne Business Number

Once you have found a suitable plan, proceed to checkout.

Pay and Setup

How to get a Discounted PressOne Business Number

Finally, proceed to checkout and pay for your business phone number. Click on “I’ve sent the money” once the payment has been completed.

As soon as the payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique URL to your dashboard.

How to get a Discounted PressOne Business Number

Congratulations! You have subscribed to PressOne business phone number services. Kindly go ahead to customize and set up your account based on your requirements. Please don’t forget to verify your account. 


Should you have inquiries or need further assistance, please refer to the frequently asked questions.

How to get a Discounted PressOne Business Number

If you didn’t find the assistance you need in the FAQs, please contact PressOne via live chat and they will gladly assist you with whatever requests you have.

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