How to get a Discounted PressOne Business Number

How to get a Discounted PressOne Business Number

These days, business owners are concerned about the quality of conversations their team has with potential and existing customers, and the ability to have all their customers’ records in one place, rather than on the phones of individual employees. If you are among these business owners who share similar concerns, stay until the end of…

The Impact of Progressive Web Apps on User Experience (PWAS)

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAS) have emerged as a transformative force in the digital landscape, redefining the way users interact with web applications and profoundly influencing their overall experience. This fast shift in web development combines the best of both web and mobile applications, offering a seamless, fast, and engaging experience. Firstly, What is a Web…

Cost of Web Hosting in Nigeria for 2024 Explained

Web Hosting

Before you move to host your site, It is necessary to know the different prices of hosting plans provided by different hosting companies. In Nigeria alone, there are several web-hosting providers. This led to a comparison of the costs of different hosting plans provided by these web hosting companies. I guess you would want to…

8 Steps on How to Start a Web Hosting Business in Nigeria


Starting a Web hosting business can be profitable given the increasing demand for online presence in Nigeria. With the rapid expansion of digitalization, individuals and businesses are seeking reliable hosting services. If you’re considering stepping into the web hosting industry in Nigeria, and you don’t know what it takes, stick to the end of this…

Benefits of Having a Website and Social Media in Nigeria

website and social media

For someone who knows how a website and social media work, knowledge of their benefits is nothing new. One way or the other you must have benefitted (small/big) from either through social media platforms or a website. On the other hand, if you don’t, let me start by telling you this; probably you are craving…

Top 5 Local Web Hosting Providers in Nigeria Reviewed

web hosting

What are the requirements a web hosting company needs to fulfill before it can be listed among the top 5?  Is it uptime percentage, bandwidth, security, disk space, etc.., or the provision of services based on the needs and features suitable for your website?  All these are part of what it takes no doubt, nevertheless,…

Email Hosting and How to get Started in Nigeria.


Just the way we know web hosting is a way to get business, organization, etc..,  online and out into the world. The same applies to email hosting, but in this case, it is used to manage and store the business’s and organizations’ communications that are online. Email hosting is a service that provides businesses and…

How to Easily Join & Set-up Wakanow Affiliate Program

Wakanow Affiliate Website Set up

Are you ready to establish a strong online presence and boost your earnings with It’s simpler than you think now. To begin, you’ll need a registered and valid domain name for your website. Just enter your preferred domain name as described in this guide, and we’ll assist you in securing it for your business….

The importance of Websites for Businesses in Nigeria


The increasing accessibility of the internet has made Nigeria witness a significant digital transformation. This transformation has opened up new avenues for businesses to connect with their target audience. How websites can help your business grow cannot be emphasized enough, that’s why in this article we will look at why you need a website for…

Scalable Web Hosting Solutions for Websites in Nigeria


Introduction You know what happens when your electricity suddenly cuts out, and luckily enough, there is a backup generator that instantly restores power without noticing any difference. Scalable web hosting works and operates in the same way. When the unexpected happens like the increase in website traffic, security breach, or the launch of a new…