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Answers to the most commonly asked Web Hosting questions can be found here. You will learn more about our Web Hosting plans like Share Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Email Hosting.

A web hosting provider is required for your website to be visible online. The way the servers are set up (i.e. the amount of space available) and the type of access that people (aka hosting customers) have to them are two factors that distinguish web hosting services. A website host is responsible for every website you’ve ever visited. Shared, Dedicated, VPS, and Reseller hosting are the most common types of website hosting

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting in which numerous websites are hosted on a single physical server. Many users share the resources on a single server, making this the cheapest hosting option.

Users are given their own part of the server to host their website files. Hundreds of users can be accommodated on shared servers. Databases, monthly traffic reports, disk space, email accounts, FTP accounts, and other add-ons offered by the hosting provider are available to each customer who uses the Shared Hosting server.

Users on the server share system resources on demand, with each receiving a percentage of everything from RAM and CPU to the single MySQL, Apache, and mail servers.

WebManage.NG offers the best Shared Hosting resource at a very good price.

WebManager.NG has three Shared Hosting plans to power any kind of website project you want. They are:

Flex, Flex Pro, and Flex Business.

WordPress hosting is a sub-category of web hosting that provides servers and resources specifically optimized for WordPress websites.

Note that you don’t have to host WordPress websites on a WordPress hosting plan. Regular hosting types are also suitable for WordPress sites, so it comes down to preference.

WebManager.NG provide very affordable WordPress Hosting plans to choose from.

WebManager.NG has three WordPress Hosting plans to power any kind of WordPress website project you want. They are:

WP Kick, WP Lexus, and WP Classic.

VPS Hosting is a sort of web hosting for people who have outgrown shared hosting. VPS Hosting allows fewer customers to share assigned resources of hard drive space, memory, and processor power, as opposed to Shared Hosting, which allows several websites to use a single web server with no assurance of resources.

On a VPS server, each user has their own virtual machine, which runs on their own copy of the operating system (OS). Customers who use VPS Hosting can enjoy the same capabilities and performance levels as those who use a Dedicated Server for their web hosting needs.

VSP is relatively more expensive than Shared Hosting.

We understand your fears when it comes to website security, which is while our core values are centered on security.

To that effect, we strictly use the best anti-theft software to store, and secure clients’ data which no one else has access to except the constituted web manager.

No, we don’t provide a free trial period, rather we offer promotional hosting often mostly during our Black Fridays and Cyber Week promos. You can also get a full refund for a Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, or Email Hosting according to our refund policy.

Except for our Email Hosting, all of our web hosting services are compatible with your WordPress website.

If you’re a novice searching for the simplest method to host, we recommend WordPress hosting, which handles all technical issues for you, or Shared Hosting, which is one of the most affordable hosting options.

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Domain Hosting

Answers to the most commonly asked DNS related questions can be found here. If your domain is pointed to our DNS record (dns1.webmanager.ng & dns2.webmanager.ng) you can set up A, AAAA, ALIAS, CNAME, NS, SRV, TXT, URL Redirect, MX, MXE, CAA records from WebManager.NG client’s side.

WebManager.NG BasicDNS is our primary DNS. When you get a domain with us, the following name servers are provided by default:


It is possible to add up to 150 host records on our BasicDNS.

Yes! WebManager.NG offers variety of free domain name from qualifying TLDs & cTLDs.

All our hosting plans come with a free domain of your choice when you purchase any of our annual hosting plans.

To register a new domain name with WebManager.NG, you need to visit the domain portal to search for the availability of the domain you wish to purchase.

Follow this Guide to get it done.

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Security & Abuse

All our hosting plans come with a free ssl certificate for a year.

All reports about DMCA, Domain abuse and impersonation of any kind can be reported to our team via our contact support.

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