How to Build a Sustainable Social Media Ecosystem in Nigeria

Become a Pro Social Media Manager
Become a Pro. Social Media Manager

Social media sustainability involves effective management of your online presence on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin, and Pinterest among many others.

When building a sustainable social media account, you need to have a plan and more importantly, an objective so as to be able to measure what you are doing.

There is a big difference between a social media page and a real presence on social media. The difference is Strategy.

Bazecity social media adoption helps create a deliberate plan to achieve certain goals. Having in mind that your goal is not just to be on social media but to use it regularly to change what your audience knows, believes, or especially does.

To build engagement with your audience, you need to consider the five Cs on social media strategy;

  1. Channel
  2. Content
  3. Calendar
  4. Consistency
  5. Community


Channel consideration involves choosing a suitable channel; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.

At Bazecity, we make certain, effective handling of your social media, with the right channel that fits your audience. We start where your audience is. The easiest way to find out which channels they use, is to ask them. You can find out good data about the platform that some groups prefer. Older adults are less likely to be on Facebook than on Twitter or Instagram, for example. Trends shift quickly, so look for the latest data. Do not underestimate your target audience’s use of social media. People of all educational levels, ages, and races, use social media regularly. Ideally, you will have several platforms.


Content is information produced and directed at an end-user or audience.

When creating social media content, you are more likely to be faced with these questions, What will you post? Think about what you are trying to accomplish with your social media strategy. What are your communication or behavioral goals to drive people to you?, How do I change their attitudes or habits?, How best do I promote my events?. One of the best approaches to this is to design your post/content around your communication objectives. This is is why Bazecity Media has a team of graphic professionals to ensure that your content tells the true story of your business.

You can create your own post, and share messages others have posted. Social media is best when it sparks interaction. You might ask for feedback or prompt people to leave their comments. For example, start a conversation on how people plan to eat healthy over the holidays by asking, what are your tips for making your favorite food lower in fat, sugar, or calories? Visuals are a must. Wishing people a happy Valentine’s day plays a lot of tricks in getting them engaged in a positive manner. Encouraging people to get more physical activities, shows people how you care about them in action.

Adding video content can be quick and easy. The more visuals and videos, the more the social media platform will automatically boost those posts, and the more people you will reach. Build a long list of potential posts before launching. This is to enable you to build your social media presence effectively.


A calendar helps in taking notes of ideas. The reason for lots of ideas on the list is for the third C, which is the social media calendar. This enables you to plot your ideas for the next few months.

How often should you post? A good thumb for this question is at least 2-3 times per week. You can always do more, but for certain, Bazecity Social Media Adoption Package can give you more of this for a better result if you do not have spare time to get most of these things done.

Some research has indicated that there are ‘’best times’’ of the day to make social media post, and those times vary by platform. This is because those trends are constantly evolving. Note all the events and moments you may promote. Plot all the things that are time-sensitive in the calendar. Block enough time on the calendar to find visuals, create memes and write posts. Plan ahead, work ahead. A well-thought-out post with the right visual won’t happen under deadline pressure. This is why we are here to assist you to do it more effectively.


Consistency is the next C. Do not start a social media presence you have to abandon. You need a person that can dedicate an hour a day on a daily bases to create content. Bazecity offers its dedication to creating content for all your social media platforms, posting it, and responding to your comments.

We receive alerts about new posts throughout the workday and depending on your audience, maybe into evening hours and on the weekends. We ensure that our formidable staff, who already uses the chosen social media platforms, dedicates time to managing your social media handles effectively. It’s even better because we have a knack for clear communication and pro graphic designs skills to create memes according to your industry.


Community, which is the fifth C, aims to the best communication practices that pull people in, actively recruiting followers and asking them questions.

Pay attention to which posts engage people and which do not, to shape future posts. Maybe you are worried that you will lose control of your page, or attract negative comments, you can set ground rules for civility on the page. Keep things friendly by not feeding the trolls, that is, do not get sucked into arguments or respond to negative comments.

Furthermore, in order to build your brand, Bazecity Social Media Adoption prioritize these core pillars: Uniqueness, Influence, Trust, and Relevance.

We ensure proper management of your social media by analyzing your social media audiences and developing a strategy that tailors to them. Bazecity social media adoption influences the growth of your social media accounts by creating content for social media profiles, monitoring online conversations, and collaborating with influencers on your behalf.

Bazecity social media adoption prioritizes fan engagement, to enable a sustainable social media presence. we provide you with unique opportunities to engage with your fans and followers. We create opportunities like creating friendly competitions and interacting with fans and followers in real-time.

In conclusion, with these five Cs in place, you have a beginning of a solid social media strategy. Engaging with prospects and customers online is a way to showcase your brand’s unique identity and personality and build the kind of meaningful connection that will lead.