How to Register any .ng Domain as a Foreigner

How to Register any .ng Domain as a Foreigner

If you’re not from Nigeria but want a web address that ends with “.ng” or “,” you’re in the right place. This guide will show you how to get one.

Having a unique web address is like having your own spot on the internet, whether you’re a person, a business, or a group. It’s always important to understand the type of domain extension you wish to register for your business. The two most popular ones we know in Nigeria are .com and .ng but there are lots of differences between them.

What Are .ng and Domains?

.ng is like a special code that shows your website is connected to Nigeria. Lots of people and businesses in Nigeria use it. is another type of web address that’s part of .ng. You have more choices with, so it’s popular.

These ccTLDs can also be registered by non-Nigerians who wish to use a Nigerian identity for conducting business, whether it’s within Nigeria or internationally. The most interesting aspect is that we can help you register these domains seamlessly, whether you’re a foreigner or a Nigerian residing outside of the country, but still want to establish an online presence for your business in Nigeria.

How to Get a .ng or Domain as a Foreigner

1. Pick a Place to Get Your Web Address

First, choose a good company that can help you get your .ng,, or web address. These companies know how to do it right. Make sure they’re okay with the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) rules because NiRA takes care of .ng domains. Just in case you do not know, we’re a NiRA accredited registrar so you can go ahead to register your .NG domain with us.

2. Check if Your Web Address Idea Is Free

Use our domain intelligent search tool to see if the web address you want is available. If it’s taken, you’ll need to think of something else.

3. Share Some Details

To get your web address, you’ll need to give some information. It’s stuff like:

  • Your name
  • Where you live
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number

Make sure everything is right, so we can contact you if need be.

4. Pay for Your Domain Name

You’ll need to pay a fee to get your web address. The cost can be different depending on the domain extension you choose. Use a credit card to pay via Paystack. Note that you can pay either in Naira “₦” or Dollar “$”.

5. Done! Your Web Address Is Ready

Once you’ve given your info and paid, you’re almost there. We shall email you to say everything’s okay. We’ll also give you details about your domain web address.

6. Take Care of Your Domain Name

You’ll have a special page (client area) where you can control your web addresses. You can set things up the way you want, like where your domain name goes, nameservers, etc, and how it works.

Some Tips! 

Watch Out for Expiry: Don’t forget about your domain web address. Keep an eye on the date it will expire. You need to renew it before that date to keep it.

Use It Right: Be sure you use your domain name in the right way. Follow the law in Nigeria on the use of digital assets.

Get Help if You Need It: If you’re planning to do lots of business in Nigeria, you might want to talk to a lawyer or an expert who knows the rules.

In summary, getting a .ng or web address when you’re not from Nigeria or you’re from Nigeria but stays outside of Nigeria is easy when you follow these steps. It’s like having your own corner of the internet. Just be sure to follow the rules, keep an eye on it, and use it wisely. Now, you’re ready to join the online world with your new Nigerian web address!