How to Configure Remote MySQL Access in cPanel

How to Configure Remote MySQL Access in cPanel

This guide describes how to use cPanel to allow external hosts to access your MySQL databases. When remote host access is enabled, you can use remote client applications to connect to your databases directly.

Please Note:

  1. Enabling direct remote access to your databases is a potential security risk. An alternative, more secure way to access your databases remotely is to tunnel MySQL connections over SSH. For information about how to set up an SSH tunnel for MySQL, please see this guide.
  2. Any application using TCP/IP to connect to a MySQL database must have its IP address whitelisted in the cPanel Remote MySQL tool. This includes connections that use the local loopback address (


Adding Host Access

Kindly follow these steps to add remote host access for MySQL:

  1. Open a support ticket in the WebManager’s Client area at In the ticket, specify that you want to enable inbound access to MySQL port 3306 for your account.
  2. You will receive confirmation from WebManager support that MySQL access is configured for your account. Log in to cPanel.
  3. On the Tools page, in the Databases section, click Remote MySQL:cPanel - Databases - Remote MySQL icon
  4. Under Add Access Host, in the Host text box, type the domain name or IP address of the host that you want to add.
  5. In the Comment text box, you can add an optional comment to describe the remote host.
  6. Click Add Host

Accessing your Database Remotely

After you enable host access, you can connect to your MySQL databases remotely by using a MySQL client application. For more information about how to use MySQL client applications, please see this guide.


Removing Host Access

You can remove host access when you no longer want a host to be able to access your MySQL databases remotely.

To remove host access, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. On the Tools page, in the Databases section, click Remote MySQL
  3. Under Manage Access Hosts, locate the host for which you want to remove access, and then click Delete.
  4. Click Remove Access Host. cPanel removes the host.

That’s It!

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