How to Manually Activate Domain Verification (DV) SSL on your domain(s)

Auto SSL is assigned to every hosting account on WebManger.NG. Most times the propagation period [...]

How to Optimize your Website for High Speed Performance.

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How to Work with Ruby App – WebManager.NG

The Ruby App feature allows you to set up Ruby applications on your cPanel while [...]

How to work with Node.js App – WebManager.NG

To set up the Node.js App feature, you will need to choose a specific version [...]

How to work with Python App – WebManager.NG

With the Setup Python App feature, you are allowed to deploy Python applications on your [...]

How to Run Scripts via cron Job

Running scripts via cron jobs is a useful way to automate tasks on your website [...]

How to Connect Webmail to Gmail: Easy Business Email Setup Guide

Setting up you business webmail with Gmail follows similar steps, but the way you do [...]

How to Fix “Deceptive Site Ahead” Warning on Web Browsers

You must have come across something like this either on your site or that of [...]

How to get Started with Email Hosting on WebManager.NG

Email hosting is a service that provides businesses and organizations with the infrastructure and tools [...]

How to Delete a Database via cPanel: A Step-by-step Guide

This simple guide will provide you with the needed support to delete database through your [...]

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