How to Change/Update Domain Nameservers

Hello, welcome to our today’s knowledgebase on how to change and update your Domain Nameservers (DNS Records). The major reason you might want to do this might be because you want to point your domain registered with us to another hosting account or vice-versa.

To begin,

1. Log in to your account

Visit your client area/dashboard by login into your hosting account on WebManager.NG.

When you are logged in, click on the Domains menu and click the My Domains sub-menu. Just as seen below, it will take you to the list of your domains with us.

How to change your Domain Nameservers on your hosting account

2. Manage Domain Nameservers

Then move straight to the list if you have more than one domain. Just select as many domains you want to update their nameservers or select just one if you are working with a single domain and click on Manage Nameservers just as seen below.


How to change your Domain Nameservers on your hosting account

3. Change DNS Records

From the below photo, toggle from 1 to 2 to change your Nameservers with the obtainable records you have.

“Use default nameservers” Select this option to point your domain to our default free DNS. Following WebManager’s default Nameservers.

“Use custom nameservers (enter below)”: Select this option if you want to enter any custom Nameservers of your hosting provider.

Note: Before you can do this, be aware that it can take between 24hrs – 48hrs or less for the propagation to complete.

Updating Nameserver Records